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General Well Engineering

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General Well Engineering

Discussion of “Oil and gas wells and their integrity: Implications for shale and unconventional resource exploitation
Thorogood JL and Younger PL, by R.J. Davies, S. Almond, R.S., Ward, R.B. Jackson, C. Adams, F. Worrall, L.G. Herringshaw, J.G. Gluyas and M.A. Whitehead”. Marine and Petroleum Geology (2014) http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2014.07.011

A Mathematical Model for Analysing Drilling Performanceand Estimating Well Times
Thorogood J.L., SPE 16524, Presented at Offshore Europe, Aberdeen, September 1987.

An Automated System for Predicting Drilling Performance
Whelehan OP, Thorogood JL, SPE 27487, IADC/SPE Drilling Conference, Dallas, 15-18th February, 1994.

Optimisation of Rock-Bit Life Based on Bearing Failure Criteria
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The Design and Field Implementation of a Drilling Hydraulics Application for Drilling Optimisation
Swanson BW, Thorogood JL, Gardiner AG, SPE 27548, European Petroleum Computer Conference, Aberdeen 16-18th March, 1994.

Application of QRA Methods to Casing Seat Selection
Parfitt SHL and Thorogood JL,  SPE 28909, European Petroleum Conference, 25-27 October, 1994, London

Casing System Risk Analysis using Structural Reliability
Adams AJ Parfitt SHL Reeves TB and Thorogood JL,  SPE/IADC 25693, presented at the 1993 SPE/IADC Drilling Conference.