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Magazine Articles, Presentations and Interviews

Deep Water and Exploration Drilling


Magazine Articles, Presentations and Interviews

Technology and the Future
SPE Journal of Petroleum Technology, October 2007.

Macondo: the Human Factors 
Offshore Engineer, January 2011

Looking beyond the ‘human error’ label
Offshore Engineer, May 2011

High Reliability Organisations and Drilling
Danish Offshore Safety Conference, 16th April 2013

A Driller’s View of the Cross-over between Aviation and Drilling
Norwegian Society of Human Factors in Control, Halden, Norway, 23rd April 2014

Human Factors in Drilling: tools for enhanced process safety at the wellsite
 Webinar, Society of Petroleum Engineers, 12th November 2014

Human factors: Fixing the person, the technology and the organization
March 2015,

Amid cost constraints, industry must guard against drift into failure
Critical Issues in Drilling and Completions, January 2015

Thorogood challenges industry to broaden views on safety, do more to understand, train drilling crews on human factors
April 2015

Hindsight and Local Rationality in Well Control Events
Presentation to IADC HSE&T Conference, Amsterdam,. 23rd September 2015 and also IADC Human Factors Conference, Galveston, TX, 22nd October 2015

Connection between Well Control Barriers and Human Factors
Thorogood, JL and Crichton MT, Presentation to IADC HSE&T Conference, Amsterdam,. 21st September 2016